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Product Description

The 2nd in the IWI series.

IWI is the sound of the current time 2 old guys are living here On Molokai. Original music is our play. Here at the last waining Days of The Monkey Pod Studio Kawela Molokai which Brad Thayne Forged years ago, transitioned at the young age of 35 and left to his Dear wife Andrea and son Cameron. Andrea recently transitioned and now the studios in it’s last days of existing.

Vick has been with Brad throughout. In honor of Brad’s great vision, IWI will finish Brad’s dream with these last few days of recording as the Studio is no longer sustainable as it will, like many places here on Molokai, change hands. I have never met Brad however his picture hangs in the studio and it inspires both with hidden Kauna.

So in celebration of these dreams of Brad, IWI will close this chapter here and Honor the good works that was created here in Kawela Molokai. Thank you again Brad Thayne, Andrea and Cameron for all the good works born In this studio.

All original Molokai Music. All songs written by Lonomusic recorded by Vickmusic. I release the sound and Vick captures it at Monkey Pod.


1) Life is Pretty Good
I met Steve Dahl in Wailea Maui. Will never forget it and Life is Pretty Good. Lead me to St. Charles III and recording at the Brian Wilson’s Studio. Thank you Steve and Joe Thomas.

2) E Hele Pohaku
One day we c hecked out the heiau Ili‘Iliopae (15 mile East) built by menehune, (“Menehune Built”) who did not want to be made fun of. In the dream I nodded My head in approval, then asked if they would like to sing also. They walked back into the darkness mumbling. As we progressed on this Mele the menehune returned and entered into the song towards the end. Notice the menehune still mumbling After song. This story of the building of this sacred site in noted at the Molokai Library “Molokai Site Survey”.

3) Fly Children Fly
This song written around 1986 I think. My niece Tanya said to me ”Uncle, this Song is dark”. She spoke fluent Nihon. She often would laugh with me when I Tried to speak it as I read it. We spoke a lot over the phone and she was always So bright. She loved to sing and play the Ukulele. I still hear her voice is the wind. My brother, her dad, just recently joined her in heaven.

4) Mr. Moon
This is a night at Makena Beach or “Big Beach” Maui. I’ve mentioned this story Throughout my 20 years on Maui.

5) Instant For Pleasure
1987 composition. I had returned to the islands after a 6-year stint on the big Continent. Trying to maintain friendships, all lost once walking down Haleakala Avenue, Nanakuli and touching the sand at Subland. It was so beautiful, the ocean was as it was last I ventured there. I was home is the islands.

6) Nine Of Diamonds
Another Molokai original for shuwah. Living on the west side Molokai Kaluako‘i. After a long work night at Paddlers Inn, we take the trek out west. Thank you MoMike.

7) Still Believe
As I question my nights and days on a stage, I reflect the past and embrace the Future. Long lasting friendships and others that were very short however unforgettable. Yes, I still believe.

8) Hondesire
Written around 2001. The Hawaiians have a method in which Kahuna would use to See you they would be listening too. Unihipili, Uhane and Aumakua. The Aumakua Has 2 entities 1 Male, 1 female. This comes from the Unuhipili. Why it is in constant Work and how it can be put to good works taught by Uhane. ’Nuff said!!

9) Longest Time: Kahiko mix
People were asking for the dance, so here. I have danced this many times this way To keep up the long lost dance of Molokai here on Molokai. Mahalo Kumu John Ka‘imikaua.


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