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Track List:

MOLOKA’I NUI A HINA ………………………………………………Traditional
As a young boy here on Moloka’i, our dear mother Ku’ulei would gather us squids in the main ranch house at Pu’u O Hoku Ranch to listen to my younger brother Freddy Boy sing his songs. One of the songs was “Whispering Pines” and the other was “Moloka’i Nui A Hina.” We all joined in on “Whispering Pines” and sang along with him. Those memorable family moments are long gone. This song is a Moloka’i standard. If you’re going to make a Moloka’i album, tape or CD, you’d be very wise to add this to your song list to honor all those who sang it before. Thus, when we heard one of our Moloka’i inspirations Dennis Kamakahi’s recent version of this mele we decided to pay due respect.

PULUPE NEI ILI I KE ANU…………………………………………..Traditional
On the Pali, up on the Nu’uanu trail on the island of Oahu stands Lanihuli, the tall mountain peak that disappears into the clouds. Many Hawaiian mele are written about this beautiful place. This story speaks of a special love like the dainty little Lehua fern that is found high in the cold temperatures there. Tingling to the skin is this special love. Once we heard Clyde Halemaumau “Kindy” Sproat sing this song, we knew of the special gifts that this song would offer us if we try to perpetuate it. Again, we at Lonomusic honor the great “Kindy” Sproat and all of the Sproat Ohana of Molokai.

ODE TO JAKE……………………………Lonomusic
This instrumental is an inspiration that came from a story shared with ushere on Moloka’i. It is a story told quite eloquently by a dear friend to Lonomusic. Jake was a man who never worked for anyone else, ever. A self made man till the day he left us. His passions were freedom and love of his little piece of land that sustained him throughout his life. There was something about this man that reminded us of the Hawaiian man and his little piece of homestead land. We, Lonomusic, are on the Hawaiian Homestead Land list, where we were warned, “Not in your lifetime.” The struggle indeed continues. Mahalo to Donald Sunshine for another Lonomusic inspiration…and to Jake for this wonderful story – “Ode to Jake.”

E HO’I MAI……………………….Lonomusic
An instrumental written for Na Pua O Hawai’i Nei (Children of Hawai’i) who left the islands and are far away in other lands. Look back at your homeland. Look back with fondness. We, the Hawaiian people are still here trying to preserve our heritage, our culture, our way of life, our spirituality, our language, our hula, our fishponds, our heiau, and our lands. Look back in fondness that Molokai will be the same peaceful and pono place when you return. Let Moloka’i embrace you once again Na Pua O Moloka’i, E Ho’i, E Ho’i Mai.

SIN TI……………………….Jesus Velaques
This song comes to us from our Vaqueros, Mexican and Spanish roots. As a child growing up at Pu’u O Hoku ranch, I always wondered why my Mother played this music in the home. It seemed all the cowboys really enjoyed it, honoring the Vaqueros, and so it was. A few years ago we received a cassette tape that blew us away. It was entitled “Los Hawai’ ianos” by the great Moloka’i cowboy and kiho’alu artist Sonny Chillingsworth. Sonny left us years ago, however his music is still within us, Paniolo and Vaqueros alike. In honor of the Ho’olehua cowboy, we do this for all the Purdy Ohana of Moloka’i. Vamanos Amigos.

ALOHA KAKOU…………………………Lonomusic
An instrumental about why we must work the land and take care of it on our watch. As the land lives, we live. We spent time with “Earl the Pearl” of Moloka’i taking care of a piece of land at the new Moloka’i Veterans’ Center. The plants there were thriving because of Earl’s personal and caring touch. All the plants were planted by him. The kinds of plants, when they were planted, where they came from and who brought them to the center was written on a piece of paper and given to us by “the Pearl.” The planting days are escaping us, but hopefully the memory will live forever in

the music. Mahalo to Earl Paleka . . . a true veteran.

OLU O PU’ULANI……………………..Helen Lindsey Parker
This mele was brought to us by “Earl the Pearl.” On our Old Style III there is a song dedicated to Papa John Apuna, Jr. who happens to be stepfather to “Earl the Pearl.” It is his stepfather and mother singing a duet in this beautiful mele of Moloka’i. Also in our files is Kindy Sproat’s story and music of this old style mele. We send our version of this mele to all the Paleka Ohana on Moloka’i, Maui, Kuau, and Kahakuloa. “Papa, aloha Kakou ‘ia oe.”

PAILOLO CHALLENGE………………………Lonomusic
This instrumental was inspired by the canoe race on the Pailolo Channel, the ocean between Maui and Moloka’i, from D.T. Flemming’s beach to Kaunakakai. The event with all of the awesome canoes involved is quite spectacular. For several years now, Coffees of Hawai’i has sponsored the race. Lonomusic was asked by Maria Holmes of Coffees to provide the music for the event. Having spent twenty years paddling outrigger canoes on Maui, this was a chance to see our Maui paddling friends again. Rarely leaving Molokai these days, this was a great reunion for us. Uwe, Uwe, Mahalo to Coffees of Hawai’i for this great Maui to Moloka’i event.

CUANDO CALIETE EL SOL…………….Jesus Velasques
Another song from the play list of Sonny Chillingsworth, “Los Hawai’ianos,” which is dedicated to all the Moloka’i Paniolo. Before there was country music or any cowboys, there were the Vaqueros. Mahalo to Ikua Purdy, Archie Kaaua and Ben Low of the 1908 World Champion Rodeo in Wyoming. “Imua Moloka’i Paniolo.”

MANAWA LO’I……………………….Lonomusic
“Time for the bent back work”

This instrumental is inspired by the good work of the people of the Lo’i. Whenever there was work in the taro patch, it was hard and back bending. But it needed to be done in order to maintain harmony with the people, the land, and the heavens above. Dedicated to the bent back people of Pelekunu.

  • Kua-ha’a Pelekunu I ka Nahu’ili, Huki ka Api’i-lehua I hehua i Ke’ono.
  • (Bent back Pelekunu in the Nahu’ili wind, harvested is te Api’i-lehua taro
  • at Ke’ono) ref: Kumu John Kaimikaua of Moloka’i.

NE MELE HO’OMANA’O……………..Donald “D.J.” Pelekai Jr.
This wonderfully written mele comes to Lonomusic by way of D.J. Pelekai of Moloka’i, as translated by Pat Benda and Kawehi Horner. It was scheduled for our Old Style VI CD. However with time for healing it can now be presented here. “The land must heal before we can replant.” D.J.’s love for his ancestors is “Pau ‘ole” (never ending). Also a great hula instructor and dancer, a good hand on the ukulele and Ipo heke, D.J. continues his good works here on Moloka’i.

ONE MORE CHANCE………………………..Lonomusic
Another original 1992 song from Lonomusic. Every so often we look back to reflect on moments that have changed or impacted our lives forever from kids growing up together to lost family and friends . . . a fleeting glimpse of some of the lifetime of Lonomusic. “Oh yeah, did we mention that we lived on a ranch and were cowboys for awhile?” Anyway . . .

MOLOKA’I HOE………………….Lonomusic
For several years now we have been attending the great canoe race over the Ka’iwi Channel from Moloka’i to Oahu’s Waikiki beach. The race can be brutal. With the pounding and unforgiving surf, just getting out of the harbor is most difficult and yet the bus loads of paddlers arrive and begin final preparation for the event with paddlers from all corners of the planet including Tahitians, Japanese, and Russians coming for this, the Superbowl of paddling races. Moku Buchanan and crew are there before dawn and so is Lonomusic. This race will be talked about for years if you are a paddler who “Crossed the Ka’iwi.”

This mele is in remembrance of our Kupuna; their struggles with the English language, which was at that time the language of the future; money, which they did not have; and then lands that were taken away to accommodate the malihini (foreigners). Now these lands and the people, like the rainbow, have many colors. We are all the same . . . one beautiful rainbow under Heaven. Hold steady the course for future generations.

UA HEHI – A PULE (a prayer of Molokai) ref: John Keanuenue Kaimikaua

YOU UNDERSTAND ME……………………..Lonomusic
We composed this song in 1998 accepting our role on these islands. The many hours spent in the recording studio are like being in the Heaven God created for us. For that, we are truly blessed and humbled as artisans and servants to the Great Frequency who teaches us everyday surrounded by beauty… like a rainbow.

MAHALO NUI LOA….From Lonomusic
  • Ke Akua
  • Uncle Alex Puaa
  • The Sunshines
  • Jack and Lynn
  • Maui Jim Sunglasses
  • Circle J Ranch
  • Floyd Conroy
  • MoMike Mueller
  • Full Heart Productions
  • Pat of Chelsea Group
  • Genesis
  • Hui O Mele Nei
  • Hui Ho’olana
  • Kim and Richard
  • Dancrn
  • Glady’s and Kimo
  • Ames Chow
  • Doc Davis
  • Mary Hoffman
  • Kirstin
  • Pat and Liz
  • Bing and Liz
  • Jann/Pu’u O Hoku Ranch
  • Michael and Olelo/Hotel Molokai
  • Jerry Johnson/Paddler’s Inn
  • Maria and Micky/Import Gift Shop
  • Tracy/Local Store
  • Annie/Art from the Heart
  • Glen/GT Auto
  • Zack/Blue Monkey
  • Daphnie/Big Wind Kite Factory
  • Mike McCool/National Media Services
  • Vannie and Hattie of the Friday Kupuna
  • Matt Yamashita
  • Todd Yamashita
  • Carl and Annie
  • Judy and Arvo
  • Miyako, Levie, Kirakai, Tamarakai
  • Boy DeMello
  • Earl (da Pearl) Paleka

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