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Old Style III

This cd is a Moloka'i original. All the songs were written by lonomusic except for tracks 4 and 15 which are traditional. From the first song "E Hele Pohaku" throughout the cd to "Oli E" it is packed with the writings of Moloka'i. (words and translations are included) Songs about the myths, legends, places and people of Moloka'i. The cd is packed with what is known throughout these islands as "Mana". Lono plays all the instruments and sings all the songs. There is one track that is about the soverign land located on the island of 'Oahu (Nu'uanu) where the Hawaiian royalty rest. An honorary song to William "Kaihe'ekai Maioho" who's family has been intrusted with the caring of the Hawaiian monarch. Another track to "Nanahoa" or the "Phallic Rock" titled Botonui" located at the Kalaupapa lookout. The music is friendly and characteristic. It is the folk music of Hawai'i truely being continued for the past generations and the future generations.

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