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Tribute to the "Folk music of Hawaii". With the blessings of our Kupuna we have not forgotten those who's music have been push to the side on our local airways. They are the fans of this music. There is no jawaiian or contemporary music. It is "Traditional Hawaiian Music". Back to the old style music. A thank you to Steve Siegfried and his cast of contemporaries who brought this music to us years ago. From the pages of "The Sons Of Hawaii", Gabby, Moe Keale, Sonny Chillingworth, Joe gang, Atta Isaacs, Eddie Kamae, etc." (Since we're giving names... Skippy, Israel and Dennis.)

Song list:
Prelude: Boxer... (arrival)
Lei Mokihana
Ka Manini
Kalae O Kaena
E Nihi Ka Hele
Wai O Ke aniani
Boxer... (call to land, response)
Ho'oheno Keia no Beauty
Lei Hinahina
Lei Nani... (beautiful lei)
Ku'u Pete
Kanaka Waiwai
Hawai'i Aloha
Boxer... ( in closing)

Translations are available at http://www.huapala.org